History of Metal Art

It may come as a surprise to many that metallic sculpture is actually one of the oldest art forms around. By definition, metal art covers any piece of art crafted from ore. So, the list of materials covers everything from precious metals such as gold and silver to metal alloys like aluminum.

It is also worth noting here that our mastery of shaping metal is closely linked to our history and the development of our civilization. This is the very reason why we named the early stages of our development according to the type of metal they used for their tools. Hence, we have the Iron Age and the Bronze Age.

It should go without saying that mankind was born with the desire and the capacity to shape their environment. For as long as we have been around, we have crafted the things around us according to our liking. We did so both from a practical necessity but also from an aesthetic need. Notice that the ancient relics we have today, like the incredibly ornate drinking bowls from the Middle East, reflect both of these principles.

With metal artwork seeing resurgence today, it is vital that we also appreciate its origins.