Cleaning Metal Sculptures

Metal sculptures and metal art demand upkeep and maintenance. This is because, unlike other art mediums, metal is incredibly susceptible to smudges. More often than not, this is caused by careless and improper handling, which can leave fingerprints all over your artwork. Not only are these smears incredibly unsightly, but they can also lead to long-term damage as oil, acids, and other corrosive chemicals can easily come from the human touch.

That being said, owners need to understand the proper ways to do maintenance work on their pieces. First, it should go without saying that you should regularly dust your metal artworks. Be sure to use a soft and dry cloth when doing so. However, if you notice a small mark or smudge on your piece then quickly clean it using a damp piece of cloth. You can also make use of small amounts of hand soap if water doesn’t do the trick. Of course, it should be stated here that you should stay away from alcohol and other abrasive chemicals like bleach as you would only end up doing more harm than good.

Do yourself a favor and clean your pieces regularly.