The Best Metal Print Companies in 2020

Metal prints are an amazing way to get rich, detailed art on your walls.  And unlike even the top canvas prints, metal prints prints have a sheen and gloss that is incomparable.  They are also incredibly durable and fit for outside exposure.  There are many companies that provide metal prints for consumers, but only a few are of high enough quality to warrant your purchase (in our opinion).

We’ve gone through the process of evaluating the best metal print companies, and have included our final list below.

#1 Pictorem – Best Overall

By far the best company overall is Pictorem.  They are a very professional operation that caters to everyone from art galleries, professional artists and photographers, and the everyday person looking to spruce up their home with some photo prints.

Here are the top advantages of Pictorem compared with other providers:

  • Huge Collection of Art to Choose From – If you don’t have your own images to create custom metal photo prints, they have a huge collection of professional art and photography to choose from.  If you happen to be an artist looking for exposure, you can sell prints through their platform as well.
  • HD Metal Prints from Chromaluxe – Chromeluxe is a a company that makes High Definition (HD) Dye Sublimation prints.  They don’t deal with customers directly, and only work with a select few approved suppliers, Pictorem being one of them.  You’ll see from the images we provide, the detail of the HD Prints is absolutely stunning!
  • Free Photo Adjustments and Modification – Each print is reviewed by a human to check for imperfections and to make proper adjustments, this insures you won’t receive a botched print (which can happen if you go with a lesser qualified operation).
  • Small to Huge Sizes Available – They offer metal prints that are upwards of 60′ wide.  Many providers only go up to 30′ or so.

Pictorem is a class act operation and very worthy of your business.  Check them out today!