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Metal as a medium perhaps remains as one of the least understood, even in today’s art world. Yet, it is undeniable that it holds a certain allure. The Metal Art Work Blog seeks to remedy that by shedding some light on the process of its crafting.

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The Best Metal Print Companies in 2020

Metal prints are an amazing way to get rich, detailed art on your walls.  And unlike even the top canvas prints, metal prints prints have a sheen and gloss that is incomparable.  They are also incredibly durable and fit for outside exposure.  There are many companies that provide metal prints for consumers, but only a few are of high enough quality to warrant your purchase (in our opinion).

We’ve gone through the process of evaluating the best metal print companies, and have included our final list below.

#1 Pictorem – Best Overall

By far the best company overall is Pictorem.  They are a very professional operation that caters to everyone from art galleries, professional artists and photographers, and the everyday person looking to spruce up their home with some photo prints.

Here are the top advantages of Pictorem compared with other providers:

  • Huge Collection of Art to Choose From – If you don’t have your own images to create custom metal photo prints, they have a huge collection of professional art and photography to choose from.  If you happen to be an artist looking for exposure, you can sell prints through their platform as well.
  • HD Metal Prints from Chromaluxe – Chromeluxe is a a company that makes High Definition (HD) Dye Sublimation prints.  They don’t deal with customers directly, and only work with a select few approved suppliers, Pictorem being one of them.  You’ll see from the images we provide, the detail of the HD Prints is absolutely stunning!
  • Free Photo Adjustments and Modification – Each print is reviewed by a human to check for imperfections and to make proper adjustments, this insures you won’t receive a botched print (which can happen if you go with a lesser qualified operation).
  • Small to Huge Sizes Available – They offer metal prints that are upwards of 60′ wide.  Many providers only go up to 30′ or so.

Pictorem is a class act operation and very worthy of your business.  Check them out today!




How You Can Stretch Canvas Prints

Do you have a photo or an image that you’d like to have printed on canvas? If the image is on the smaller side, you may have some concerns about stretching the image so that it fits the canvas. If this is something that you’re worried about, these are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Work With A Professional

It’s always best to work with a professional when you’re having prints made for you, even if you know how to stretch canvas prints yourself. You should make sure you work with an expert that understands how to produce great-looking canvas prints. If you outsource this job to the right person, you can expect much better results overall.


When you’re having something printed for you, you’ll want to make sure you properly communicate your expectations. You may want to take the time to confirm that the image you have chosen is suitable for a canvas print. If possible, you may want to ask for a mock-up so that you can see what the finished image is likely to look like. More often than not, when people receive unsatisfactory prints, there was a communication breakdown.

Explore Different Options

The entire canvas doesn’t need to be covered by the image that you have chosen. If the picture is very small, and if stretching it could impact the quality of the image, you may want to consider adding some sort of a border. Ask the professional you’re working with about the options that you have so that you can select something that appeals to you.

It is possible to stretch canvas prints, but you may have to put in extra effort in order to achieve your entire results. You should make sure you work with the right printing company so that you’ll be able to get a print that you’ll be happy with.

Nautical Metal Wall Art

Metal Wall Art is our passion.  Nothing brings vibrancy and color to a room like the addition of some wonderful wall art.  Having themes for this art is very important as well, as it can create an ambience that will really tie together your room.  For those that are located in beach towns and areas with lots of aquatic interest, you will be interested in Nautical Metal Wall Art.

Just take a look at the numerous pieces of wall art from our preferred sellers, they are gorgeous, everything from metal prints to wall sculptures, ornaments and trinkets, hanging wall art, you name it.



History of Metal Art

It may come as a surprise to many that metallic sculpture is actually one of the oldest art forms around. By definition, metal art covers any piece of art crafted from ore. So, the list of materials covers everything from precious metals such as gold and silver to metal alloys like aluminum.

It is also worth noting here that our mastery of shaping metal is closely linked to our history and the development of our civilization. This is the very reason why we named the early stages of our development according to the type of metal they used for their tools. Hence, we have the Iron Age and the Bronze Age.

It should go without saying that mankind was born with the desire and the capacity to shape their environment. For as long as we have been around, we have crafted the things around us according to our liking. We did so both from a practical necessity but also from an aesthetic need. Notice that the ancient relics we have today, like the incredibly ornate drinking bowls from the Middle East, reflect both of these principles.

With metal artwork seeing resurgence today, it is vital that we also appreciate its origins.

Cleaning Metal Sculptures

Metal sculptures and metal art demand upkeep and maintenance. This is because, unlike other art mediums, metal is incredibly susceptible to smudges. More often than not, this is caused by careless and improper handling, which can leave fingerprints all over your artwork. Not only are these smears incredibly unsightly, but they can also lead to long-term damage as oil, acids, and other corrosive chemicals can easily come from the human touch.

That being said, owners need to understand the proper ways to do maintenance work on their pieces. First, it should go without saying that you should regularly dust your metal artworks. Be sure to use a soft and dry cloth when doing so. However, if you notice a small mark or smudge on your piece then quickly clean it using a damp piece of cloth. You can also make use of small amounts of hand soap if water doesn’t do the trick. Of course, it should be stated here that you should stay away from alcohol and other abrasive chemicals like bleach as you would only end up doing more harm than good.

Do yourself a favor and clean your pieces regularly.

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